Dome & Cap Nuts

Trojan Special Fasteners Ltd can manufacture a number of dome and acorn cap nuts to standard, your drawing, sample or your specification. We can provide a head polishing service on some sizes too - just ask at quotation stage.

Predominantly these forms exist:

Low Dome Nut

High Dome Nut

Dome & Cap Nuts

Tall Cap Nuts

Dome & Cap Nuts

Short Cap Nuts

Domed Flange Nut

Low Dome Cap Nut

Trojan Special Fasteners will manufacture, from bar turning, high precision acorn cap nuts. Alternative names such as crown hex nuts, blind nuts, cap nuts, dome nuts or domed cap nuts exist. It is chiefly designed to provide a dome or cap end to cover a thread in order to protect external threads.

Dome or cap nuts are typically applied to the threaded end of a bolt, setscrew or all-thread bar. This 'capping' effects to shield the end of the bolt and also to provide better aesthetic quality. We often provide polished dome nuts for this purpose.

We can make these with standard domes or, to whatever kind of 'rotated design' you're looking for. If it can be turned on our machines, we can make it for you.

It is common for customers to ask for flange or collars to be added to such nuts - this is perfectly feasible, just send us a drawing or your spec and we'll take care of the rest.

Trojan Special Fasteners can deform nuts from the sides to provide a prevailing torque feature on your nuts - as no open standard for these exists we would ask that you provide your dimensions or a drawing and we can manufacture to that. Additionally, we can torque test your nuts for you, just provide us with the female threaded part and we'll take care of the rest!

In addition to standard preferred sizes, we also manufacture non preferred sizes and non-standard or special thread and nut forms.

We can manufacture to the following specifications:

We can manufacture acorn, dome and cap nuts to the following specifications:

Standard Description
DIN 917 Hexagon acorn nuts
DIN 1587 Hexagon acorn dome nuts
UNI 5721 Hexagon domed cap nuts
SAE J483 Hexagon low crown acorn nuts
SAE J483 Hexagon high crown acorn nuts