Non ferrous

Trojan Special Fasteners can manufacture in a number of non ferrous metals and alloys to exacting defense, naval, marine, petrochemical and gas industry applications in BS, DIN and ISO standards.

Stainless Steel Hexagon Bars

Brass and Bronze Hexagon Bars

Alloy Type BS Standard EN Standard Symbol ASTM/UNS (Nearest Equivalent) Other Compatible Alloys
Aluminium Bronze BSB23(DTD197A) CA104 CW307G CuAl10Ni C63200 / C63000 NES833
Aluminium Bronze CA105 N/A CuAl10Fe3Ni7Mn2 C63000 N/A
Aluminium Bronze AB1-C CC331G CuAl10Fe2-C C95400 SAE68
Aluminium Bronze AB2-C CC333G CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C C95500 SAE68B
Aluminium Bronze BSB23 N/A N/A N/A NES833, CA104 (DTD197A)
Aluminium Bronze DTD197A N/A N/A N/A BSB23, CA104, NES833
Aluminium Bronze NES833 N/A N/A N/A CA104, BSB23 (DTD197A)
Copper Tin CT1 CC480K CuSn10 N/A N/A
Gunmetal G1 N/A CuSn10Zn2 C90500 SAE62
High tensile Brass HTB1 CC765S CuZn35Mn2Al1Fe1-C C86400 N/A
High tensile Brass HTB2 N/A CuZn36Al4FeMn N/A N/A
Leaded Bronze LB1-C CC496K CuSn7Pb15-C C93800 SAE67
Leaded Bronze LB2-C CC495K CuSn10Pb10-C C93700 SAE64 / SAE797 / SAE792
Leaded Bronze LB4-C CC494K CuSn5Pb9-C C93500 SAE66
Leaded Bronze LB5-C CC497K CuSn5Pb20-C C94100 SAE94, SAE794 & SAE799
Leaded Bronze N/A N/A CuSn7ZnPb C93200 SAE660
Leaded Gunmetal LG2-C CC491K CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C C83600 SAE40
Leaded Gunmetal LG4-C CC492K CuSn7Zn2Pb3-C C93400 N/A
Leaded Phosphor Bronze LPB1 N/A CuSn8Pb4Zn1 C93100 N/A
Leaded Phosphor Bronze PB4-C CC480K CuSn10-C C92700 N/A
Nickel Gunmetal G3 N/A CuSn7Ni5Zn3 B292-56 N/A
Phosphor Bronze PB101 CW450K CuSn4 C50900, C51100 N/A
Phosphor Bronze PB102 CW451K CuSn5 C51000 NES838
Phosphor Bronze PB103 CW452K CuSn6 C51900 N/A
Phosphor Bronze PB104 CW459K CuSn8 C52100 BSB24, DTD265A
Phosphor Bronze DTD265A N/A N/A N/A BSB24, PB104
Phosphor Bronze PB3 N/A CuSn9P N/A N/A
Tin Phosphor Bronze PB1-C CC481K CuSn11P-C B143 SAE65
Tin Phosphor Bronze PB2-C CC483K CuSn12-C CC483K CC483K
Brass CZ121 CW614N CuZn39Pb3 C38500
Brass CZ122 CW617N CuZn40Pb2 C38000
Brass CZ132 CW602N CuZn36Pb2As C35330
Brass CZ131 CW606N CuZn37Pb2 C35300
Brass / Manganese Bronze CZ114 CW721R CuZn36Pb2AlMn C67500
Naval Brass CZ112 CW712R CuZn36Sn1Pb C46400

This information is provided without any warranty. Some material equivalents are not exact as different standards can specify alternative chemical composition and mechanical properties. Please use this information with care.