Trojan Special Fasteners has a very flexible machine shop that carries a large selection of tools. So why not contract out your:

Cross Drilling



Thread Distortion

Just free issue your material or your goods, tell us what you're looking for and see how cost effective we can be to your company.

Trojan special fasteners will tap your blanks for you or even retap your existing free issue nuts. We have regular orders from customers who want their existing nuts retapped after they've been galvanised, this is common practice. We have the facility to tap standard and to oversize thread forms in normal and left-handed type. When making your enquiry, just let us know what thread form you would like and we'll quote you our best terms.

Our production capability has now increased to ensure we can work with round bar and round nuts to machine hexagon or square nuts for you. It is becoming increasingly difficult to source hexagon bar, so why not free-issue your round bar or round nuts and let us produce hexagon or square nuts?


Trojan special fasteners will perform the following operations on your supplied parts:

1. Tapping - this can be in whatever thread form you like, whether it is normal right-handed, left-handed or even oversize.
2. Slotting - we can slot your nuts, bolts or set screws. Just specify the number and dimensions on your enquiry and we'll take care of the rest.
3. Boring - we can rebore your items to your specification.
4. Drilling - we can drill at multiple angles and depths, to your specification.
5. Facing - we can reduce the thickness of your existing nuts to ones that meet your needs.
6. Polygon Turning - we can turn your round nuts into hexagon or square nuts.

Just provide us with a description, or even better, a drawing and let us quote our best prices for you.