Square Nuts

Trojan Special Fasteners Ltd can manufacture a selection of sizes of square bar turned nuts. Generally, there aren't many differences between square nuts, except that we bar turn ours so you're going to get a more precise nut with a better finish than a mass produced forged item.

Unchamfered Square Nut

Single Chamfered Square Nut

Double Chamfered Square Nut

A square nut is typically used where a large surface is needed to contact a part being fastened. Whilst it helps in reducing loosening, the increased friction between surfaces means that whilst there is an increased resistance to tightening, being able to grip two opposing sides of the nuts means that they tighten easily. They are often used in tight spaces or in blind spots. There is a reduced risk of rounding the nut, so softer materials can be used.

Trojan special fasteners can build additional features into fasteners, like collars, castellated, slotted portions or even prevailing torque locking mechanisms like nylon insert, deformed thread or split beam.

In addition to standard preferred sizes, we also manufacture non preferred and non standard or special thread and nut forms and sizes.

We can manufacture to the following specifications:

In addition to machining square nuts to your dimensions, sample or drawing, we can machine square nuts to the following specifications:

Standard Description
ASME/ANSI B18.2.2 Square nuts, table 1
ASME/ANSI B18.2.2 Square nuts, table 7
BS 325 Square nuts
BS 916 Square nuts
Standard Description
DIN 557 Square nuts
DIN 562 Thin square nuts
DIN 798 Foundation square nuts
DIN 928 Square weld nuts