1.1/4 UNC to M20 Connecting Adapter

1.1/4 UNC to M20 Connecting Adapter

Wednesday 13th September 2017

In a cost saving exercise for our customer, we manufactured 4 pieces of the unified to metric threaded hexagon connector nuts. Our customer wished to use a brush head on a device that came in unified form and he could only get the attaching rodwork in metric.

We said no problem matey! We figured out the amount of thread engagement he needed and machined a prototype which he tried out - it worked as expected and so we machined a few more!

Mixing threads on one kind of nut is not an issue for us. Typically we manufacture a large quantity of right handed to left handed adapters for some of our customers.

Be they unified, whitworth or metric thread, let us take a look at your drawing or your specification and we'll try our best to precision bar turn fasteners for you!