Finishes on Fasteners

Note that not all of these finishes are available to Trojan Special Fasteners and a number of unmentioned ones are. So, if in doubt, please always ask us and we'll find out if our subcontractors can finish your ordered fasteners in the way you need and want.

Feature Benefit Description
Absorbs Light & Energy Ensures compliance with industry standards Black electroless nickel plating absorbs light and energy essential to many manufacturing processes in industries such as aerospace, automotive and aviation.
Conducts Electricity Cost effective and efficient conductivity solution Silver plating can be used to enhance electrical conductivity which makes it useful in the manufacture of electronic components.
Enhances Appearance A cheaper way to improve aesthetics Jewelry is often plated with a thin layer of a precious metal to make it more desirable.
Forms a Protective Barrier Plated parts can last longer and need to be replaced less frequently, and are more likely to hold up under extreme conditions. Many types of industrial electroplating create a barrier on the substrate that protects it against atmospheric conditions such as corrosion.
Increases Hardness Plated surfaces are less susceptible to damage when struck or dropped, which can increase their lifespan. Electroplating is sometimes used to make brittle materials stronger and more durable.
Increases Thickness It improves overall quality and increases longevity of the substrate. Palladium plating is becoming an increasingly popular choice in manufacturing processes where extreme thickness is required.
Prevents Tarnishing Products such as silverware retain their attractiveness and hold their value over time. Some types of electroplating protect against premature tarnishing in certain kinds of metals and also reduce the likelihood of scratching.
Promotes Adhesion It provides a smooth and uniform surface finish. Copper plating is an ideal solution for providing an undercoating that facilitates adhesion with additional coatings.
Reduces Friction Nickel plating improves performance and reduces premature wear and tear. Nickel plating can reduce the build-up of friction in certain materials such as electrical connectors.
Resists Heat Plating with these metals protect engine parts and components from damage caused by extreme temperatures, which can increase their lifespan. Plating processes such as gold or zinc-nickel are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures.

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